Acting together for the environment

We want citizens to be on our side in the effort to manage and recycle waste in a responsible way. Our clients can recycle phone devices (fixed and mobile as well as their accessories), batteries and printer ink cartridges at the COSMOTE and GERMANOS retail network. Last year, 51 tons of recyclable materials were collected.

With the assistance of our clients, a total of 15 tons of phone devices were collected over the last 18 months. For each ton, €1,000 were donated to the NGOs “Philodassiki Enossi Athinon” and “CALLISTO”, in order to support their initiatives for the environmental education of children and young people.

This is where we recycle. At #COSMOTE and GERMANOS retail network you can ‘dispose’ your old phone, inks, batteries #abetterworld 


More about our Recycling Program in our 2015 Sustainability Report.

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