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In 2015, OTE and COSMOTE employees in Greece exceeded 10,000! We are like a small city, where there is no discrimination and everyone has equal opportunities. Specifically, 1/3 of OTE and 1/2 of COSMOTE workforce is comprised of women. In addition, 30% of the managerial positions were held by women and 36% of the members of the Management Team were females. Our companies employ both young and experienced people, with the majority of employees (74%) between the age of 30 and 50.

OTE Group is considered an attractive employer by young graduates. In 2015, the Group recruited over 200 new employees, despite the difficult economic conditions in Greece. According to a survey conducted by the Athens University of Economics and Business, OTE and COSMOTE were jointly ranked as the 5th most desirable employer.

OTE Group amongst the best workplaces for young Greeks #abetterworld #sustainability


More about Human Resources in our 2015 Sustainability Report.

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